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นิทรรศการ “From One Window to Another”

นิทรรศการ “From One Window to Another” ผลงานโดย อัฐวีร์ บัวนิธิสินธุ์ (Attavee Buanitisin), เจษฎา ลีลานุวัฒน์กุล (Jetsada Leelanuwatkul), นรวิทย์ เอนกสัมพันธ์ (Norawit Aneksampant), ศุภกร ศรีสกุล (Soopakorn Srisakul) และ วสุธรา นาราคาม (Wasutara Naracarm) จัดแสดงระหว่างวันที่ 10 พฤศจิกายน 2566 – 21 มกราคม 2567 และจะมีพิธีเปิดในวันที่ 10 พฤศจิกายน 2566 เวลา 18.00 น. ณ Window gallery and cafe

Window gallery x Canvas and Co. proudly presents group photo exhibition “From One Window to Another”

10 November 2023 – 21 January 2024

“From One Window to Another” presents a captivating collection of photographic works by the talented members of the Bangkok-based photography art collective, ‘Window Gallery and Cafe’. This intriguing exhibition derives its name from the very essence of the collective itself. The concept of a window evokes a profound sense of liberation and exploration, symbolising a passage from one perspective to another.

In this exhibition, the lens serves as a powerful instrument through which we can peer into the intricate landscapes of the artists’ minds. Just as a window grants access to a different world beyond, these photographs invite us to traverse the diverse realms of creativity and imagination captured by these gifted artists. Each click of the camera’s shutter represents a glimpse into a unique vision, offering viewers a tantalising journey through various emotions, stories, and perspectives.

As we navigate through the frames and compositions, we become explorers of the artists’ inner worlds, each photograph acting as a portal to a different dimension. The window, both literal and metaphorical, is a symbol of limitless possibilities, reminding us that there is always another perspective, another story to be told. “From One Window to Another” not only showcases the artistry of its creators but also encourages us to reflect on our own perceptions, challenging us to see the world through a different, more imaginative, and open lens.


  • Attavee Buanitisin
  • Jetsada Leelanuwatkul
  • Norawit Aneksampant
  • Soopakorn Srisakul
  • Wasutara Naracarm


  • Haisang Javanalikhikara

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